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Smart Girls Know: Setting Money Goals For 2013


It’s been a little while since we talked about money here.  Let me preface this by stating the obvious.  I am not saying any of this in an advisory capacity nor, am I… Continue reading

As If You Need Another Reason To Vote


I’m going to go ahead and assume that all of you readers out there are educated and have opinions that you think matter and therefore wouldn’t dreaaaaam of skipping out on Election Day.… Continue reading

To Do or Not to Do: Celebrity Endorsed Products


I’m no stranger to online shopping – I have been known to score a great deal during a J.Crew sale or two and to fret over whether or not to buy that super… Continue reading

On Rolling With The Punches…


This has been a very interesting week. Last week at this time (I’m writing this Thursday night) was just a regular evening at my apartment. Some sort of dinner was made, I was… Continue reading

Smart Girls Know: How to Educate Yourself Financially


I’ve been wanting to write a post about money for a while now. While I know that I got a great education, the extent of my financial education in school was a couple… Continue reading

TBT #18: Baby Steps


I’ve been thinking about #18 on my 30 Before Thirty List quite a bit lately.  While the stated goal is that I “only buy things that I absolutely love,” I think what I was… Continue reading

Smart Girls Know: How to Declutter the Important Stuff


One of the seasonal rituals I really look forward to is the post-holiday decluttering binge (honestly!).  Perhaps not everyone goes through this so let me explain.  Once the New Year rolls around, I… Continue reading

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