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The Olympics Are Messing Up My TV Schedule: a short diatribe on why lats and glutes win the gold in 2012.


Yes, Michael Phelps, we hear you. You don’t want to watch another race of some laps and the same stroke as the last three races? I mean, another World Record, really? Every time.… Continue reading

Saavy Semi-Domestication: No Shame in Premade Cake Mix


I am, as are the other ladies on this blog, a fan of bringing a hostess gift. There’s not much more I love than dinner parties (even when they consist of two people—doesn’t… Continue reading

Instagram Weekend: Mount Snow, Vermont


Hi Guys, We’re back this afternoon with a very special post.  It’s our first post written by a contributor!  Our good friend Mary Walsh is sharing pictures from her recent weekend at Mount… Continue reading