Kate is a smart alec from north of Boston who enjoys (in no particular order) boat rides, entertaining, being right, and her Irish husband.  When not mired in her corporate day job, she seeks out new recipes, emerging design trends, and generally interesting people and places.

Kate and her husband recently moved north of Boston after living in Southie for several years.  After coming up with the idea for The Loud and Clear, she quickly realized that it would have to be a team effort to get the whole shebang off the ground.  She’s nothing if not a pragmatist.



Jessie was found in a basket on her parents’ doorstep in late January, 1982 in New Harbor, Maine. She likes typography, miniature versions of normally large things, ferns, the smell of diesel fuel and a good play on words. Although she’s dabbled in photography, printmaking and sewing, her creative passion has recently manifested in creating custom papercuts: 

She currently resides in Portland, Maine and writes for The Loud and Clear mostly about art and design and also shares her overly entitled reviews of products and websites from time to time.


Kristen is a bit of a nomad.  Having lived in over 10 different locales (and that’s not even counting apartments!) over the past 7 years, she thrives on discovering new places.  She grew up in Maine and the scent of ocean and pine trees will always mean home.   Right now, she’s living in Kansas City, where every day brings a new discovery.  Kristen has also been known to frequent France, the Rockies, Boston, and New York.

Her interests are as varied as her residences.  A lover of holidays, she likes giving gifts more than about as much as receiving them.  She dislikes being cold, yet she lives for the first snowfall of the year and would give just about anything to spend a day on skis. She loves to bake, though she doesn’t have a sweet tooth. However, give her a platter of cheese and olives and she just might become your best friend for life.  She has never met a veggie she didn’t like.  She firmly believes that a girl can never own too many scarves and that a good blazer and a wrist-full of bracelets will make any outfit shine.  Of course, while she loves to dress up, she also lives for the moment when she can throw on her favorite sweatpants at the end of a long day.

Kim McDevitt, MPH RD

Kim is a runner, cooking enthusiast, flexitarian & dietitian. On a regular basis she craves large leafy green salads, ice cream, avocado and almond butter. A colby mule, Michigan wolverine and now regional educator for Vega, a plant based nutrition and supplement company, Kim spends her days sharing her passion for nutrition and teaching the power of food and its fit within a specific lifestyle. Her favorite way to spend a day is by going on a long run, cooking dinner home and going out for an ice cream cone with her husband.

For more on kim, follow her! @foodierunnergrl



Arianna grew up in Rhode Island (with a brief stint in Louisiana) and was living in Denver before moving back East. Salt air, seafood, good craft beer, and bearded men lured her to Portland, Maine where she spends her time listening to vinyl, consuming whiskey, and pretending to be an adult.