About Us

So what’s this all about?

This is the place.  A place we created and one we hope you’ll help us grow.  A place for inspiration, a good strong dose of reality, and shared experiences.

Everyone either wants, or feels an obligation, to do it all. The tough part is that life tends to pull you in all different directions.  Often, you find yourself nearing thirty, in an entirely different place (geographically, emotionally, creatively, professionally…) than you may have originally intended, and you start to think about where you’re headed.  While that’s all part of growing up, how do you make the time to reconnect to the parts of you that got pushed to the back burner?  All those things that you’ll do/see/make/cook/wear, when you have the time/money/space/inspiration etc.?

That’s why we’re doing what smart girls do.  We created a place to combine all the things we love and we’re making our friends help out by sharing those things about themselves that make us jealous.  Our plan is to activate our networks and tap into the things about our friends that make them people we want to hang out with.  Maybe in the process, we’ll try out some of those things we’ve been putting off.  No one can do it all but it’s a heck of a lot more fun trying to do it with cool people around.

We’re nothing if not realistic.  This is a blog.  In all likelihood, it’s not going to change your life.  However, there’s nothing wrong with carving out a little oasis for yourself in the midst of all the things we HAVE to do to explore some of the things we WANT to do.  We hope that you find a place here to connect, explore, learn, and share.

We are The Loud and Clear: a site designed to be your go-to source for the working-girl, homemaker, daydreamer, fashionista, artist…WOMAN with a voice.  Yeah, it’s a lot to tackle.  But life is complicated and finding answers and inspiration shouldn’t be.