Setting Goals for 2014

It wasn’t until I met John that I ever gave New Years resolutions a thought. John LOVES to set 1-3 annual resolutions that he works hard to stick to. Last year one was not texting /checking his phone while driving, which i’m happy to report he’s stuck to pretty well.

When I took the job at Vega I learned the value of goals. At Vega you set goals quarterly, both professional and personal. They help keep you on track and provide focus in the present, as well as set a more long term vision, helping you discover your personal path.

Resolutions, the kind John likes to set, are just not for me. They are too big, last too long, and (knowing how I work) set me up for failure.

Goals are more my speed.

My-goal-not-to-be-better They are specific, measurable, and written in present tense. They are a continuous process, and therefore should grow and evolve as you do through the year.  I like to set overarching themes based on what I feel is important for me in life. These include personal, professional,  nutrition and fitness. From there I  list small, attainable goals under each.

I keep them somewhere I can see them. And, I cross them off as I achieve them (oh, that feels good!)

They don’t have to take long to create and can simply be a list jotted down on paper. Before you set your goals I encourage you to close your eyes and try and visualize where you see your life, or what you hope to get out of your life. By having this in mind you’ll be able to more easily make goals that will help lead you there.

Head over to pinterest for some inspiration, and perhaps make a image-based interpretation of your goal list to really help you visualize achieving.

Take 5 minutes today to set some goals for yourself. I’ll be back soon to share mine and help with some goal-setting inspiration if you need it!