Sunshine Art Retreat Part I

I know that the majority of you are stuck in a mountain of snow right now, and that temperatures are in negative digits when you wake up. I’m not here to flaunt the fact that I’m in the Sunshine state, because I know it’s not cool. What is cool is watching my mom get a total kick out of having a creative shot in the arm/someone around to make her want to make stuff again.

Last night, she taught me about a few brushes and left me experiment a little with paint, water, paper, and a couple really simple techniques. My mom has been a painter all her life, and I have picked up a few things here and there from her, but for the most part, we’ve never really done this completely without interruption.

Here’s my first go at using a fan brush, a rake brush and pretending some acrylics are watercolors on papers that aren’t meant for watercolors.

photo 1

photo 1photo 2

I was so excited about that feather, I filled up 4 more pages trying to make another one like it and really didn’t. I felt like I peaked feather-wise, but I’m going to work on it and make them better. It’s all about simple shapes, holding the brush correctly (which I’m definitely not doing in that picture) and learning how to control the paint to water ratio. And mixing colors. That luscious gray blue color is made with blue and burnt sienna. Who knew?

This morning, we succumbed to my father, the breakfast Nazi, and had some bacon, went on a 4 mile walk through the nature preserve and then headed to Goodwill to find some treats to makeover with our newfound creative energy.

This is where we are now…

photo 3 photo 4

It’s not glamorous, but mark my words, these will be little masterpieces once we can settle on our design inspiration!

Yes, it’s pretty damn fun. And I need to go because I can hear my mother with a hammer in the other room and that wasn’t part of the plan…stay tuned for Part II!