Holiday Bling On The Cheap

Oh hey. Christmas is next week. That just feels like pure nonsense to me since I’m totally unprepared. While I’ve managed to get a tree and some lights up, the rest of my life is in a sad state of affairs. However, in the spirit of sharing beauty products that I read about on the internet, I thought I’d share the one way I’m getting a little more festive this year. One word: glitter.


Apparently, this is how everyone on the internets takes pictures of their manicures.

I’m sure there’s some rule about giving up on glitter nail polish after you turn thrity but I’m willing to make an exception for the holidays. I impulsively grabbed a bottle of Sally Hansen’s “Golden Rule” on the way to the checkout at Target the other week and I’m kind of loving it.  It’s definitely gold glitter but three coats gave me really solid coverage that feels more intentional (and dare I say more sophisticated?) than my junior high “Wet n’ Wild” blue sparkle days.  It also makes typing more fun.

So, while I may not be fufilling the typical holiday blogger responsibilities of providing gift guides, homemade ornaments, and dinner party menus, I am here to tell you to get your sparkle on before you head out on the party circuit this season.  That is all.