Grossed Out By Golf Magazine

Greetings from sunny Florida. I’m visiting my parents for the holidays and working out of my  mom’s studio while getting some valuable vitamin D.

My dad is crazy about golf. I think it’s 50%…maybe 75% of the reason he lives down here. He subscribes to Golf Magazine, which I have tried to read before and find incredibly boring because it’s filled with old men, cigar advertisements and tips on the same three swings over and over and over again. This morning, while binge watching Orange is the New Black over breakfast, my mom handed me the lastest issue. On the cover, a tan wrinkly old white man, just like every other month of the publication ever. She pointed out that there has never been a woman on the cover. It’s a man’s world.

In a huff, she flipped to an “article” called “The Most Beautiful Women in Golf,” featuring 10 women in tight dresses and sexy poses. I’m not surprised, being that this is a Sports Illustrated magazine and I’m sure the readership is men who definitely want to see sexy women. But I’m disappointed. It’s not about their scores or their athletic ability. It’s not about how these incredible women have broken into a predominantly male sport. It’s about how hot they look in tight dresses and tousled tresses.

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When I said I was going to write about this, my mom said, “Are you going to read the whole article first? I think you should.” I agreed, and sat down to see what they had to say, only to find that there was no article. Just the empty quotes about home life, fashion and bikinis alongside the pictures. Nothing to write about, Golf? I can’t quite put into words how this makes me feel as a woman, aside from disappointed and a little pissed. This could have been an article about what it’s like to break tradition, a female perspective on technique, really anything except sexualization of their impressive careers.

Just to be clear – this isn’t a reflection on my dad. Or all men who read this magazine. It’s just a bummer to see how far women still have to go. Thanks for absolutely nothing, Golf Magazine.