The Beginning Of December Stinks.

How do you write a post where you whine about having too much going on but nothing worth posting about without coming across as a whiny bore? You don’t.

Bear with me.

Like everyone, work is crazy, the calendar is full of parties, and the nights in between have to be spent getting the house decorated/shopping for presents/locking the house down for the winter. Yeah, I totally forgot about bringing in the outdoor furniture, grill, etc. and finding space for it all in the cellar. Add on the fact that the sun sets at two in the afternoon these days, and motivation is hard to come by.

Since all my projects are half-baked at this point and I’m a procrastinator by nature, here are some of my favorite distractions lately…besides the mean tweets

Tutu Project

Have you heard of The Tutu Project? This man wanted to make his wife laugh during her chemo treatments so he started taking ridiculous photos of himself in a pink tutu.  This is love.

I took Conor to see Joseph Arthur for his birthday (It was awesome!  Mike Mills from R.E.M. played with him!) and the lovely Caroline Rose opened.  She was so gracious and funny.  Ah, to be young and living out of your car while on tour.

I know I’m really pushing the late night talk shows lately but these Jimmy Fallon bits make me so happy.  And if we’re being truthful?  This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Go on, Mimi.

Santa meets The Blair Witch Project meets Downton Abbey meets global warming.  Worlds are colliding and it’s terrifying.

What else did I miss?  Share.