DIY Rifle Paper Company Phone Case

You know I don’t usually post DIY projects because I am bad at following directions, I skip steps, I cut corners and things tend to end up just a little bit less than flawless. This project is no exception but I’m kind of proud of the turnout for a first attempt.

I’m a big, BIG fan of Rifle Paper Co.. I have several pretty notebooks and my friends buy me the greeting cards from time to time. They recently came out with a line of iPhone cases that obviously really do it for me…but they’re $35, and the only cases I’ve ever had are $7.99 from TJ Maxx. It’s funny how I don’t bat an eye at spending $35 on snacks and cocktails with friends on a Wednesday, but spending money on something I will see and use every day seems lavish.

Here’s what happened – I bought some Rifle wrapping paper that I’ve been eyeing so I could wrap a wedding gift for my brother and awesome NEW sister-in-law. It came with 3 sheets and I had used one, so I’ve been thinking about how else to use the paper so I can look at it all. the. time. I’m going to get a piece of glass for the top of my desk and use one piece underneath it. You do the math – that leaves one piece of paper. Enter one sad and banged up TJ Maxx phone case and a bottle of ModPodge.

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1. Cut a square of the paper you want to use for your case. Place scissors on it to allude to the fact that you cut it, then take photo with naked iPhone.

2. Place sad banged up case face down on the paper. (Probably would be smart to clean it with some rubbing alcohol. I didn’t but I did consider it. Haven’t noticed a problem yet, but this is the kind of step Kate would definitely do. Wait. Stop thinking about what Kate would do because she’d definitely be better at this.)

3. Using an xacto knife, cut around the case, leaving a little more than an inch around the sides. I trimmed too close and there are a couple spots that didn’t get covered. I was too excited to measure.

3 1/2. Using a paintbrush, apply a thin layer of ModPodge (I used glossy because it’s all I had – I’d go matte if I could do it over) all over the back of the paper and for the hell of it, put a little on the inside tough to reach spots of the case.

4. Place the case face down on the paper and smooth out any wrinkles on the reverse (pretty) side. Really rub it down. Then carefully go around the edges and push down the paper around the sides of the phone. It doesn’t matter if the inside is ugly because no one will ever know. Apply a little more glue if some places are having a hard time staying down. Note: The corners are kind of challenging and I found it helpful to fold where I wanted it to go, then unfold and score the corner at a 45 degree angle and fold in two separate pieces.

5. Let dry. (I am so impatient, I let it dry for maybe 15 minutes, but you really should shoot for an hour.)

6. Carefully cut the camera hole out with an xacto knife. (I use an xacto knife almost every day and I kind of failed at this. Take your time.)

7. Paint a layer of ModPodge all over the paper – this will seal it in and give it a protective layer. Let dry. Repeat.

8. Once the whole thing was totally dry, I also gave it an extra coat with a top coat spray that I had for when I was painting furniture.

Ta-da! I present to you my DIY Rifle hack iPhone case that cost me about $1.00 to make (considering I had the adhesives already.)

DIY Rifle Phone Case

It feels durable and it makes me happy whenever I see it. Considering it a success. The only thing I would have done differently is pay more attention to what part of the paper was my favorite before I really went for it. This ended up being a total surprise, which works because it’s all pretty, but I would have probably chosen a spot with more greens.

Ah well.