The Perfect Fall Bootie

Booties are all the rage for fall. And no, I’m not talking about your rear-end.  I’m talking about shoes.  In between work and wedding planning, I have been “relaxing” by looking for the perfect fall bootie.  However, they’re never quite right.  If there’s a heel it’s always too high or too narrow and I feel like I’m going to fall flat on my face.  If it’s a low heel, it somehow ends up looking childish.  The perfect wedge, but it’s white and after Labor Day.   The list goes on and on, until suddenly all of my dreams are answered in the form of a website: Shoes of Prey.

shoes of prey bootie

With a blue soft leather upper and fish scale heel, the shoe pictured above is not necessarily my perfect fall bootie – the heel is still a little high, and I’m not sure how I feel about fish scales – but I do like the colors and overall vibe.  Want to know my favorite part? I designed this shoe myself on Shoes of Prey.  Keep reading to find out how.

Shoes of Prey isn’t just for booties. It is an amazing online store that lets you custom design your own shoes.  You pick from 12 basic shoe silhouettes and then customize to your heart’s content.  You choose the heel height, the toe, embellishments (if any), and materials.  Shoes of Prey makes the shoe BY HAND and mails it to you within 3-5 weeks.  Where was this website 6 months ago when I was trying to find bridal shoes?!

shoes of prey

Now, because I know you’re wondering (I was, too), what if these investment* shoes of mine don’t fit? They’ve been hand-made just for me – right down to the sparkly pink heel! In comes Shoes of Prey’s amazing return policy.  You have 365 days to return your shoes in unworn condition.  That’s right. Three. Hundred. And. Sixty. Five.  An amazing full year to return.  Granted, you can’t wear your shoes during this time, but you can either return them for a refund or for a free remake.  The remake includes a change in design.  Pink sparkles not quite as amazing in person as you’d thought they’d be? Switch ’em out for brown leather.

*While not cheap, the prices, which seem to run anywhere from $129 to $279 aren’t terrible either for shoes that are hand-made to your exact specifications.