Hot! Hot! Hot!

Whew! There’s a heat wave covering the entire country and I, for one, am not a fan. Scorching 98˚ heat and ozone alerts? No. Thank. You.  But as much as we all wish this heat would disappear, there’s not too much we can do about it.  So, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!  Here are a few fun ideas to keep you cool this weekend (or at least take your mind off the weather for a minute)!

honey yogurt berry pops

Honey yogurt berry pops would be fun to make, fun to eat, and healthy. I’d say that’s a win, win, win, situation.

coffee ice cubes

Coffee ice cubes! Genius! If you want a “frozen latte” mix them with almond milk, as shown above.  I have started using one ice-cube tray for coffee ice cubes.  I just pour in whatever’s left over from my morning pot.  That way you can have iced coffee without watering it down.

gigantic scrabble

If you’re not feeling the food thing, how about a gigantic game of backyard scrabble? You might want to find a shady spot or wait til the sun goes down a bit for this one. It looks like a pretty fun DIY, too.  Just saying.

dinner on the dockEat dinner by the water where it’s cooler.  Make it feel festive with candles and nice linens. Serve cold or room temperature treats and plenty of chilled beverages.

nautical paint by numberIf you can’t get to the water, or simply can’t bear to leave the air conditioning, bring the water to you with a nautical paint by number. Feeling especially inspired? A whole slew of them makes for a pretty amazing gallery wall.

Happy Friday!