Check It: Spring TV Binge

You know what happens when you cancel your cable in favor of internet streaming and then it rains all Spring? If you’re me, you start binge-watching TV shows. Here are five that have been in hot rotation on my Roku:

Check It: Binge Watching

Upstairs Downstairs: Like Downton Abbey, this series follows the aristocratic dramas of a wealthy British family and the servants who toil for them.  A revival of the original BBC series, this version is set in London right before the second World War II.  Dramatic and soapy.  I wish there were more than two seasons.

Parks and Recreation:  How did I not watch this show earlier?  I mean, I had heard about the whole “Treat Yo Self” joke but didn’t get how funny this show is.  I think the real genius of this show is that it’s hilarious but all the characters are still nice to each other…even Gerry.

Bunheads: This show satisfies my younger, musical theater loving, Gilmore Girls watching self. Campy, ridiculous, and totally verbose.  Don’t judge me.

Wallander: A big thank you to Scandinavia for originating The Killing, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Wallander.  And thanks to the British and US film/TV industries for making English versions. I love moody police procedurals and Kenneth Branagh is great as the title character.  Moody and dark.  Perfect for stormy days.

Rescue Me:  I watched this show for a few seasons when it first came out but lost track after a while.  Centered on a dysfunctional New York City fireman post-9/11, it’s a great dark comedy. I’ve also like Denis Leary since those obnoxious MTV commercials he did in the early 90’s. Excellent binge watching material.

What shows (new or old) are on your list? Secondly, who’s ready for the sun to come out on a regular basis?