Mom’s the word.

Mother’s Day is a sneaky one, and I always end up scrambling last minute to get something in the mail to my beautiful Mama in time. This year, I was on top of it though and she has already received a pretty Rifle Paper Co. card and a really sweet little monogram flag that looks like a vintage handkerchief. We’re not necessarily monogram types, but we are definitely adorable useless textile types.

MomSince you’ll be getting your fill of “Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25/$50/$100” posts all over the interwebs, I’m going to do a Mom Round Up for you. Right here, right now.

* There are 4 births per second in the world today. That means 245 women become mothers worldwide per minute. Unless there are multiple births. I can’t do that kind of math.


* Are you following DesignSponge on Instagram yet? I recommend it. This week, they announced a Mother’s Day themed challenge, asking followers to post a vintage photo of their mother and give reasons why you love her. Although listing reasons why one loves their mother is downright impossible on such a small screen, the photos in the gallery are already super entertaining and sentimental. Check out @designsponge and tag your pics #dsmom if you’d like to play along. (There’s a pic of my pretty mama on there already! See if you can find it!)

* It’s a natural instinct to mother little ones…look at this monkey who adopted a kitten!

Mommie Dearest

* IMDB put together a list of movies to watch with your mom. Steel Magnolias is #1. Volver is #20, but I think it should be #1, as I have watched it with my mother numerous times. Funny, Mommie Dearest isn’t on there.


* Mother Teresa left her home in Albania for Ireland when she was 18 and she never saw her mother again. Such rich irony.


* Carnations have come to represent Mother’s Day because Ann Jarvis, the founder of the holiday, had 500 of them sent to the first celebration in 1908. If you’re going to get your mom flowers this Sunday, get her more than carnations or she’ll be pissed.

Happy Mother’s Day!