Interior Inspiration: 5 Trends for 2013

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves over the holidays! I know all the ladies here at TLAC had a great time during our break and have plenty of stories to share with you.  I want to kick off our first post of 2013 with 5 trends that I think will dominate in the interior design world in 2013.

1. Tone on Tone Neutrals

white and wood


A return to nature will continue to permeate our homes.  With all the drama and stress from work, the economy, and current events, we will want to make our homes sanctuaries where we can escape from it all and relax.  Nothing is more soothing than natural elements brought inside.  Patterns will continue to be big, but we’ll be seeing more tone on tone chevrons and stripes this year that are softer on the eyes.  Materials like linen, burlap, wood, and glass will continue to enjoy immense popularity. Set against light white or grey backdrops, these natural elements look purposeful and comfortable. Make sure to mix materials to keep interest in the room.  The idea is light, bright, and warm. If wicker and wood feels too outdoorsy for you, add some pizzazz to the neutral theme with shimmery metallics.

2. Painted Trim


black door - style files

I talked about painted window casings and door frames awhile back and I really think this trend will grow in the new year. With the aforementioned neutral theme, white walls will abound.  What better way to add architectural interest than by painting trim? The best trim colors for 2013 will reflect nature – think sand, slate, bark, sage green.  Of course, black is always wonderful too.  If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about going nuts on all of your trim, the best and most impactful place to try it out is the back/inside of your front door, as pictured above.

3.  Great Gatsby Style Cocktail Bars

west elm bar


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the new Gatsby movie to come out.  Are you with me? If this movie lives up to the hype, get ready for Gatsby mania to ensue.  The easiest place to make a Gatsby-style impact in your home is at the bar.  If you don’t have a designated bar area – make one! Simply transform part of a bookshelf/dresser/table into a bar nook complete with metallic glasses and some fancy liqueurs – St. Germain is a must. Mix and match vintage and new decanters.  Use linen cocktail napkins and fun paper straws – my favorites are the gold and white striped. Check out SMP at Home’s great guide to building the perfect bar cart for more ideas!

4.  Going Green



“Going Green” doesn’t just mean being nice to the environment.  However, please keep recycling! In 2013 if there is one saturated color to use unsparingly in your home, it will be green. While significantly brighter than the other natural colors shown above, green is still, obviously, found everywhere in nature. Pantone listed Emerald Green as its color of the year.  If lush green walls are too bright for you, take the easy route and bring in plants! Nothing says verdant better!  Mix the vessels you keep them in for an ultra organic look.

5.  Fun Wallpaper and Rugs


katie leede + paper

If the natural theme is too neutral for you, the best way to add a bit (note: a bit) of color and pattern in 2013 is through wallpaper and rugs.  Nice, hand-woven rugs can be really expensive, so take a tip from the picture above and combine two rugs with similar color schemes together under a bed to form one large rug. While flatweave will remain big, the general trend in rugs will move East from Navajo and focus on Turkish Kilims and Middle Eastern style carpets.  The best wallpapers in 2013 will still be slightly subdued compared to their bright, in your face 2012 counterparts, but they will still be a great way to add energy and pattern to a space.


What do you think will be the biggest trends of 2013? What trends from 2012 do you hope to never see again?