Snack Tips for Holiday Travel

Now that we live in Michigan, away from my immediate family and close friends, and now being married into another family, my holiday “vacations” sometimes feels anything but. Don’t get me wrong, I feel totally blessed to have so much family to celebrate the seasons with – but, John and I are not the type who like to pick one family for the holiday. Instead, we like to make sure our ‘vacations’ are as chaotic as possible, trying to see not one family,but all of our families.


Seeing as how our family spans across 5 different states and hundreds of miles, traveling, often for a few hours at a time, is a part of the deal.


Being the type of person who has to eat just about every 2 hrs or else “fooditude” (that’s attitude + grumpiness from hunger) sets in, combined with being pretty picky about my food choices, I’ve learned (the hard way) that packing snacks is a must. You just never know when you’re going to get stuck sitting on the runway for an extra hour while they de-ice that plane, or if the only rest stop available in the NY thruway is going to offer Popeye’s chicken and only Popeye’s chicken. (You know how I feel about chicken).

So for me, and those of you who identify with the above description, packing your own travel snacks is a good strategy. For the rest of you, I encourage you to pack some snacks so that you can more easily choose the best (best being defined here as most healthful ) option.


You see, the “snacks” that usually tempt us at airports and rest stops are often higher in calories than a full meal we would  make at home. And while there’s always a time and place for a slice of gingerbread cake and a large gingerbread latte, or a slice of pizza and a pop, I think that place is not the car. (I’d rather you choose a bag of pretzels and a water.)

Then, we combine these luscious snacks with the casseroles, holiday cookies, cakes, candies and cocktails that surround us this time of year and boom, our caloric intake is through the roof. And then there really will be truth to your New Years Resolution to lose 5 lbs.

So, save your waist line, save some cash (by not having to buy snacks or bigger pants), and avoid fooditude with these smart, portable, nutritious travel snacks / meals!

To Pack

(a baggie of raw almonds and an orange or apple live in my bag at all times. you never know!)

  1. Apple + squeeze pack nut butter (250 cal)
  2. Trader joes ‘trek’mix raw nuts & fruit (170 cal)
  3. 100 calorie pack raw almonds (~12) & banana (200 cal)
  4. Raw veggies & single hummus packs (150-200 cal)
  5. Hard boiled egg (if you know you’ll eat it a few hrs after making) (70cal)
  6. Kashi granola bar or Luna Bar (130-150 calories)

In A Pinch

(these days you can pretty much always find the following when traveling)

  1. Low-fat yogurt (90-130 cal)
  2. 8 oz skim milk latte, no added sugar/sweetener (80-100 cal)
  3. String cheese & mini bag pretzels (200 cal)
  4. Subway 6″ Veggie, cheese & mustard, no mayo (175 cal)
  5. Special K protein granola bar (always sold in gas stations)

**calories are an approximation, look at the labels to make smart choices**

Happy Holidays, safe travels and I’ll see you in 2013!!


and, if you’re in portland the week between Christmas and New Years let me know!!