Interior Inspiration: Pattern Play

In honor of this week’s Instagram Challenge, I thought I should share some great images of patterns in interior design.  Patterns are all over interiors from Moroccan inspired, like this month’s cover of Lonny Mag (pictured above), to stripes and zigzags, to Greek key.  The possibilities are endless. It’s choosing ones you like and learning to combine them that can be the problem.

This image of Bettina Prentice’s New York apartment has A LOT going on.  But it works.  How? First of all, most of the large pieces are solid colors.  Second, colors are repeated – there are lots of pinks and blues going on here.  Finally, the patterns all have different scales.  See how the pillows in the front have smaller prints, whereas the ones behind are larger? If all the prints were small and busy, it would be too much for your eyes to take in.

In this child’s room, there are a LOT of bright colors and patterns going on.  With all-over pattern on the walls, the easy way out would be to choose a solid, neutral rug.  Designer Amie Corley kept this child’s space fun and lively by doing anything but.  It’s amazing how there can be so much going on and yet everything fits together so seamlessly.  Both the rug and the walls repeat a diamond-shaped pattern.  The light blue and citron colors are also repeated.  Bright orange curtains keep the space from feeling too matchy-matchy.

Pattern doesn’t always have to be colorful.  This bathroom by Sarah Richardson is the perfect example of how combining multiple neutral patterns also has a lot of impact.  The varying textures and sizes of materials in this bathroom keep it intriguing, the natural color palette keeps it calm.

Small spaces like bathrooms and entryways can be the perfect spot to try out a bold pattern if you’re still feeling shy.  The small size of the space works well with big, bold, dramatic patterns. But they’re also confined spaces, so the pattern doesn’t invade your entire home.

No matter what you choose for patterns in your home, don’t forget to take part in our  Instagram Challenge! Remember to use the hashtag #tlacpatterns when you post your pictures.  Now quick – go around your home and see which patterns you can find!