Fleeting Obsession: The Hunger Games

On a quick and unrelated note, did anyone else know that yesterday was Equal Pay Day?  I really liked this article from Sandra Fluke.  So much so that I brought it to my manager’s attention as part of my ongoing salary negotiations.  Take that establishment.

How did I spend most of my free time last week?  So glad  you asked.  I was completely absorbed in taking down 1,155 pages of young adult literature.  That’s right, I picked up The Hunger Games on Easter Sunday and put down Mockingjay the following Sunday afternoon.  This tends to happen to me.  I get sucked into a series and before I know it, days have gone by, responsibilities are ignored, and I’m left with a slightly empty feeling when it’s all over.  It happened with Twilight, Harry Potter, and others that seem even more embarrassing to admit to on the internet.  Seriously, you should see the size of the dust bunnies all over my apartment.

Yes, these books are easy reads and center around a teenage girl fighting for survival in a dystopian society while trying to sort through a love triangle between her childhood pal and a boy who has loved her from afar for years. We’re not solving the world’s problems here.  The themes aren’t complicated but I got totally drawn in and I’m not afraid to admit it.  Yes, it’s a little annoying waiting for Katniss to wise up and sort out how she feels about the two hunky men trying to protect her.  However, a part of me will always connect with the angsty tough girl just trying to do her thing and not owe anyone an explanation.  Maybe that’s why I wasn’t surprised to find out that the author, Suzanne Collins, also worked on Clarissa Explains It All back in the heyday of Nickelodeon (remember SNICK??).  Way to have your thumb on the pulse of my childhood S.C.

Has anyone else fallen victim to the trilogy?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  Now Conor wants to go see the movie this weekend so he can get in on the action.  I’ve heard it’s pretty faithful to the book since Suzanne herself adapted the screenplay.  I guess if he wants to go soooooo badly…