Instagram Weekend: Working Weekend in Watertown

Today’s post comes from the wonderful and talented Gretchen Gavett.  Gretchen was at college with Jessie and I and is an accomplished associate producer for digital media.  As always, we’re so excited to have a new voice and a fresh perspective here and are looking forward to more posts from her in the future.  I love the angles and light in her images and the cozy feeling of her photos from home.  Enjoy!


How appropriate: My first Instagram Weekend involved me working. A lot. I’m in journalism and am often stuck to the computer or [insert name of Apple product], weaving narratives and enforcing AP style. Taking photos gets me out of my head a little, forcing me to take stock of the quiet things around me: shapes, colors, the lovely light that creeps through the parking garage across the street from my building. So that’s what you’ll see in this collection — along with a cat, excessive football game snacks and my introduction to “Breaking Bad.” My gosh, why did I wait so long to watch you?