How To: Make Potpourri Sachets

I love the scent of pine.  Maybe because it reminds me of Maine, maybe because it just plain smells good. Either way, one of my favorite parts of the holidays is the way this scent permeates my home.  Walking through the door to a burst of that earthy, fresh aroma never fails to disappoint.  Much like I didn’t want to give up fairy lights at the end of this holiday season, I didn’t want to give up this wonderful scent either.  So, I crafted pine potpourri sachets from the drying-out needles.

What you’ll need:

  • Pine branches (if pine isn’t your thing, you could always use citrus, lavender, mint, etc…)
  • Old tights or nylons
  • String or ribbon (mine came off unwrapped presents)
  • A container (to put the needles in)
  • Scissors, fabric scissors are best, but any kind will do
  • A scoop, like a measuring cup from your kitchen

Pull the needles off of the pine branches and put them in your container.  This was more difficult than I’d anticipated, but once you get the hang of it, it goes quickly.  You may wish to line your work area with newspaper or something to make cleaning up all of those fallen needles fast and easy.

Make sure your nylons are clean!  Cut the nylons into the size you want – I found about 5 inch lengths worked well for me.  Use ribbon to tie up one end of the nylon (if you’re not using the toe piece).  Scoop in pine needles to your desired fullness.  Securely tie the other end with more ribbon.

Insert into drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh!

This would also be a great pre-holidays craft project.  The sachets would make great gifts or party favors. Simply use the branches cut from the bottom of your tree.  If giving these away, I would also recommend not packaging them in your old pantyhose.  Most craft stores sell little sachet bags that would work really well.  If you were feeling extra crafty, you could even purchase a holiday or pine related stamp to personalize the gift even more.  Whether they’re made before or after the holidays, these little sachets will smell great for months to come!